Anenergic or apathetic depression

This is not part of WKL classification as it is a clinical picture and not a phenotype.

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Proposed criteria

This set of criteria is proposed for research purpose and is probably not definitive. 

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  • All rank A criteria are mandatory
  • At least one rank B criteria has to be fulfilled
  • No exclusion criteria must be observed

Rank A (all are required)

  • Meets the criteria for MDP as meant by in the WKL school (at least one of the criteria )
    • Mixity or incompleteness of poles
    • Reactivity and / or fluctuation of the clinical picture
    • Bipolar course
  • Apathy , adynamisme , avolition , amotivation
  • Anhedonia , emotional anesthesia
  • Having a significant impact on the social, occupational or emotional life of the patient ( ≥ 20-point loss to the GAF ).
  • Duration ≥ 3 months

Rank B (at least 1)

  • Reversed vegetative signs (1 of the following):
    • Hypersomnia
    • Overeating, weight gain (+5%)
  • Sadness of mood, even though back from anhedonia
  • No or slightly marked slowdown of thought during the interview
  • Direct relative affected by MDP

Exclusion criteria

Not secondary to

  • Drug intake: antidopaminergic or SRI (apathetic remission)
  • An organic disease : extrapyramidal disorder , degenerative dementia , leukoencephalopathy , or expansive pathology

Clinical (symptoms that can not be observed)

  • No arguments for a periodic catatonia : no staring , real negativity parakinesia.

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