Apathetic depression

"Classification of Endogenous Psychoses and Their Differentiated Etiology"
Karl Leonhard
Springer Verlag, 2nd Revised edition, 1999
p. 43-48

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Apathetic depression is characterized by depression of mood, accompanied by impoverishment of feelings and will power, more subjectively felt than objectively recognizable. The higher mental emotions, not only joy but sorrow as well, lose their depth. Above all, the ability to sympathize with others is subjectively lost. Patients may complain bitterly, but objectively there is non-participation and loss of initiative. Other depressive symptoms play no role in the clinical picture; however psychologically related self-accusations due to the non-participation do appear often. The depth of the depression is less than in the other pure forms; suicide attempts occur less often. There may be a chronic course without change of the clinical picture. In terms of physique I noticed nothing of significance. I have seen apathetic depression in both leptosome and pyknic patients.

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