Hypochondriacal depression

"Classification of Endogenous Psychoses and Their Differentiated Etiology"
Karl Leonhard
Springer Verlag, 2nd Revised edition, 1999
p. 30-36

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Hypochondriacal depression is characterized by bodily misperceptions, the description of which shows them to be very peculiar. Frequently fears about bodily well-being develop, but only misperceptions are essential to the diagnosis. Accompanying alienation phenomena are often hinted at and may be marked, affecting bodily sensations, sense perception, and imagination. Alienation due to lack of sympathy, as we will find in apathetic depression, is not present. Other depressive contents are absent, or at most only slightly. Patients generally complain a good deal about their alleged ailments, but without displaying significant excitement. The condition can be extremely painful, but the total personality is less affected by the depression than in cases of melancholia or agitated depression. Consequently the suicidal tendency is low. Chronic course is not infrequent. The depressive-hypochondriacal state may never disappear, and nothing essential changes in the picture. As regards physique hypochondriacal depressives tend to be predominantly pyknic, but I have not reached a precise conclusion.

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